It’s February 2013. What the…?!

Hmmm. Call me daft, call me old, call me both daft and old… but how on earth is it February already??  How??

Please excuse my absence.  My computer is broken and I’ve discovered iPads aren’t in love with Blogger.  Speaking of broken, our things finally arrived from England after three months.   This would be great news except that there was some kind of mishap on the way and nine of our boxes were waterlogged.  Woo!  Oh how we laughed.  So we’ve had the usual just-moved-house sea of boxes all over the place, with the added joy of mouldy, smelly items and insurance assessors called Tony.

Did I mention the computer is broken?

Anyway, somewhere during all this I saw an ad for a job I really, really wanted.  I didn’t completely stuff up the interviews (**pats self on back… wonders when did back become so flabby**) and now I’m back at work.  I treasure my time as a stay-at-home mother and I think knowing it was always temporary made it more special.  I won’t say getting back into work is easy after a few years at home, in fact I could write a lot more on it.  But I love the job and I think in the long term it’s a good thing for our family.  It’s a good feeling.

We’re loving being back in Australia.   Our son now says “bucket / pocket / cricket” like an Aussie and it makes me chuckle.  And yesterday when it was going to be 22 degrees I grabbed our jumpers thinking 22 degrees is a cold day.  Ha!  It’s like we were never away.

Oh, and a friend has lent me The Tudors on DVD.  Where have I been???  I had no idea Henry VIII was such a hottie,  and didn’t they all have remarkably good teeth? If you haven’t seen it, basically they just bitch about the Pope and shag each other, with each sexual encounter commencing with the man slowly running his hand up the woman’s thigh.


Anyway, that’s me right now.  When I get a new computer I’ll be sure to write some more.

By the way, how are you?

3 thoughts on “It’s February 2013. What the…?!

  1. MsCaroline says:

    Glad to see you're still among the living and congratulations on the new job! Oh, and our 15-year old's description of 'The Tudors': “Historical Sex.” Sums it up nicely, don't you think?

  2. Melksham Mum says:

    I'm not at all envious of your lovely weather and hope you get everything sorted quick smart! Oh, the Blogsy app on the iPad is pretty good for blogger x

  3. BOO for waterlogged moldy belongings. YAY for doing something you love and feel good about. Double YAY for hottie Henry VIII and his hottie friend Charles Brandon!

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