The Picture Tells The Story

If you’re a long-term reader (and therefore a cultural and intellectual giant… oh hang on…), you’ll know that my computer was on the verge of collapse. Every time I switched it on it would look at me, go with me on this, and say, “I just want to die in peace… stop tapping me. Ouch.”

Unsurprisingly, the 3 month boat trip to Australia finished it off. Farewell, prehistoric desktop computer circa 2002. You were certainly useful. And slightly too big.

I’m very pleased to say I backed everything up – which is so not like me – so hoorah!

Anyway now we have a new computer and I’m starting over. I’m actually going to have files and folders with names that mean something, instead of “Misc, Flowers, Singapore 2004” and “Generally Oldish Things.”  It’s amazing how much more organised I feel just by having it in my house.**  All my photos will be categorised and documents filed. See? I sound organised already. Actually I was just going through some photos, grouping them into folders actually, when I found this:


It took me a while to remember taking this.  You’ll never guess what this is.  Ready?

This, my cyber-web-savvy-friends, is my bag of essentials I had packed during the bushfires in January.  Yup.  Should we have to suddenly evacuate to a safe area, this trusty hessian bag and its contents are what I had deemed The Most Important Belongings Of Them All.  All that stuff I was saying about me being organised? Scrap it.

This is what is inside the bag:

1 x stuffed giraffe
2 x teddy bears
1 x Wenlock or Mandeville (UK readers will know what I am talking about)
2 x small childrens quilts
Various children’s books

I remember putting this together and thinking this was the worse evacuation pack ever.  Where are the essentials?  Where are the things that, should we lose the house, we would cry over?

So I packed my GHD.  In my defence though, I knew this was stupid at the time.

Also I do have to say that when this was happening, most of our possessions were still on the boat coming from the UK.  I wonder what I would have packed otherwise?

Thankfully, there were no fires near us this year.  We only had one day of an extreme alert so we prepared the house, packed a bag, decided on a plan – we live right beside national park and it’s the price we pay for doing so.  There hasn’t been a major blaze in this area for 70 years – apparently that’s a good thing, I’m not sure. Anyway, I’m very grateful we needn’t have worried but, as is the case every summer in Australia, I’m acutely aware others did.

So this has me wondering – what are your evacuation essentials?  Please say a hair straightener.  Then I won’t feel so stupid.

Wow, I really have digressed haven’t I?  Hello blog.  I’m back!

**If you are reading this and you have seen my house recently, I agree.  It does not look like an organised person lives here.  But some literary freedom is allowed here because it’s my blog.  X

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