Where’s My Mojo?

My blogging mojo popped out for some milk a little while ago, and hasn’t come back.


This blog is meant to be about an Australian mother in the UK.   But I’m now an Australian mother in Australia.  Not that there’s anything especially radical or interesting about being an Aussie overseas, far from it really.But at least I felt slightly (and I mean VERY slightly) interesting.

Now? Well, I’m very average. I live in the suburbs with my family. I work three days a week. I read a magazine called The Australian Women’s Weekly (mine arrived yesterday and Bec Hewitt is on the cover.  Why?  Why??)  And I like pottering around in my garden.I’m hardly trashing hotel rooms and choking on my own vomit, am I? Not that I’d want to. It’s just that I’m not feeling very blog-worthy. For example, at dinner time we have “news” – we go around the table and tell everyone something that happened to us that day. Want to hear a selection of mine?
“Today, I had great soup.”
“I found my purple pen today – I thought I’d lost it!”
“I’ve rediscovered Ricky Martin!”


But I love writing, although yes, that is an overly generous description of what this actually is. I’m feeling at a bit of a crossroads in a few ways, perhaps brought on by the fact both children will be at school next year. Anyway, I’m thinking about what work I want to do in the future. Is it time for a big change? Do I want to study? And for someone who hates studying so much, what am I doing even contemplating it? Will someone pay me to drink tea and play with my kids in the garden all day? Can I make a living typing any old thing that comes into my mind?

And then it’s not long before my mind starts to wonder into meaningless drivel. Why does my hair look so crap when I curl it? What is it like to have your own helipad? Does anyone like their own knees?

Anyway, I’m looking for inspiration but in the meantime I’m happy. And if none of this makes sense, then good for you. You’ve got things more sorted than I do!

8 thoughts on “Where’s My Mojo?

  1. eliza_do_lots says:

    I live in hope that one day I'll work out what The Plan is, and things will fall into place. Until then I keep pretending. I pretend to know what my plans for the day are. I pretend that I have a career. I pretend that I'm not making parenting up as I go along. I pretend that I like my own knees.

    Ricky Martin though…

  2. mid30slife says:

    SO loving Ricky right now! He's one of the judges on The Voice here and doing a fine job too.

    Love your comment thanks!! Welcome back!

  3. eliza_do_lots says:

    I read everything – I'm just awful at commenting! I forgot he did your The Voice (I am currently cringing at the cruelty of the fight off rounds here whilst waiting for Jessie J to have a shaved head on the shows and wondering if Will I Am will ever actually marry me) I wonder if Ricky will ever re-release 'She Bangs' as 'He Bangs' – it's a goer.

  4. MsCaroline says:

    I love your writing, and lots of the writing you did on your blog in the UK had nothing to do with being an expat and it was hilarious! No more excuses. You're good, and your funny. You don't need the expat 'crutch' to be readable. I do – but you don't! Welcome back!!!! xo

  5. Errrr like HOW did I miss YOU leaving the country. Seems like yesterday when I was walking down the road with you for champagne with NetMums after CyberMummy. Gosh honey I never knew you'd gone. HOW out of touch am I.
    Sorry I will pay more attention from now on.
    Liska xx

  6. mid30slife says:

    Hi Liska!!!! Funny I remember that like it was yesterday. Sad to be missing out on future Cybermummy events… booo!!! Have lots of champagne for me. XXXXX

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