Some Photos You May or May Not Like

You can’t help but be drawn in with such an enticing header, can you?

I was just going through my old photos.  I found these, taken at my grandparents farm, and I thought I’d give them an airing.   All of us, my siblings and cousins, were very close to our grandparents.  There’s enough there for a separate blog or ten.   They were like extra parents – with chocolate biscuits, lemonade, pancakes and fairy bread (on homemade bread, of course).

There was just one rule in the house: no chocolate biscuits on the carpet. When I’m going nuts at the kids for some tiny reason, it’s good to remind myself of Nana and Grandfa’s one, very important, rule.

I’m sentimental about this place, it was a second home.  I grew up on a farm just a few kilometres away.  Neither property is in the family any more, such is life, but I know it by heart.  I can picture my favourite tree, which is all very lovely but I still should have taken a photo of it.   I remember all the sounds and smells – not always a positive when sheep are involved – but otherwise it really was something.

The run down buildings in these pictures were the old shearers quarters.  There would be loads of similarly derelict buildings dotted around Australia, just crying out for a complete makeover. Somehow I think a lick of paint and some polka dot curtains might not have been quite enough.


At 20, I thought I’d invented the “utlilise a reflection” shot.

Below is my grandparents house –  I wish I had more photos of the inside.  My grandfather was born in the laundry, which must have been handy.  I could write much, more more about this house.
In the photo below, look for the small tree just past the ramp. We planted that as a memorial to my grandfather who was killed in a farming accident in 1997.
I hope someone is looking after it.
And finally, every farm’s bit of glory: the outhouse.  Every dunny should be this scenic.
I know a farm can’t love you back or make you a cup of tea, but I will always love this place.   Please leave a comment if you have a place that’s as special to you – if all of you did, we’d have quite a list of places around the world.  Very cool. X

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