Hello 2014! The Year. Not the Number.

So, I was driving along listening to ABC 702 (this is really daggy radio, I like to think I make it cool but for that I’d need to be cool, and I listen to 702).  They have a show I love called “Self Improvement Wednesday” although I can never remember which day it’s on.

Anyway – I was listening to this programme and they were talking about a Ukrainian writer.  This is a wonderful thing as I often lie awake at night and wonder about the Ukrainian authors. So do you and you know it.  Well, the man being interviewed said, “when he moved countries, his writing pretty much stopped, which happens to so many people who love to write – a change of surroundings really affects their inspiration.”

I’m not posing at all here. I’m wearing no makeup which, according to the magazines, is really brave of me.  So I’m being brave.  Not posing. 

Well, didn’t I just have a little moment.  Not to compare myself with Nikolai Gogol, who the radio said was just awesome, but that’s it!  I started blogging in London, in our beige house where the view outside was mostly grey.  I was writing in the middle of the living area where you couldn’t see the carpet for the toys and I was doing anything to avoid the sub-zero temperatures of the kitchen.

I was on a roll.  I loved it!  And then we moved back to Australia and that was it – no more writing.  Or, to be more accurate, no more typing.  Well, 2013 saw a couple of blogs but 7 posts in one year do not a website make.

So maybe I just need more overcast days, more mess, more beige and I’ll get back into it.  Yes!! That is just what I need.

And I think a refresh is in order too.  Some kind of website re-design, to make it look like I know what I’m talking about.  Any suggestions?  Anyone?  Bueller…?

Anyway – what I’m trying to say is I’m back(ish)!  It’d be great if you could join me here again.  I’m not promising much, so let’s just rein in any levels of expectation shall we?  But it will be fun.

Much fun.

Well, fun for me.

6 thoughts on “Hello 2014! The Year. Not the Number.

  1. Mandi112 says:

    More power to your pen (or keyboard). Looking forward to more from you even though you now are again in non-beige, non-grey surroundings (poor you).

  2. Melissa - Talk About York says:

    Welcome back and hope life down under is treating you well. I have gone through bit of a blog revolution having left behind Home Office Mum and starting Talk About York and then recently moving it to a self hosted platform and signing up for some affiliate programmes because I might as well earn a few (literally) pennies for the writing I do and it's become more commercial in content due to me getting in trouble every time I seemed to share an opinion. So that's my summary while you've been away 🙂 Looking forward to reading more!

  3. mid30slife says:

    Ah thank you, yes I do miss London at times but it's so nice to have just a bit of COLOUR in our house again!!

  4. mid30slife says:

    Melissa thanks for the update!! I'm looking forward to checking it out, sounds great. I need to spend a few hours trawling through my old faves for a good catch up.

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