Simple Pleasures

The amazing, funny, just-as-lovely-in-real-life-as-you-imagine-she-is Kate over at Kate Takes 5 is talking about simple pleasures.  The timing could not be more perfect, I’m finding that with each passing year it really is the simple pleasures that bring the most satisfaction.  Although, yes, diamonds would be awesome too. So sparkly!

Kate is asking people for their top 5 simple pleasures, so here are mine.  They are remarkably similar to hers, and I suspect I’ve written an identical post to this somewhere here.  Oh well.  I am going to write this quickly and go with the first 5 things I think of.  I just know that the minute I publish it I’ll think of other things I wish I had gone with.  That’s just the kind of CRAAAZY thing I do.

1. My Garden
I once read a short piece by the very clever Paula Coelho.  He wrote that as he was gardening, he would contemplate his right to remove a so-called “weed” from his garden – a weed that had germinated, adapted and thrived in this very spot.  Surely to remove it was an act of barbarism against nature?

And I remember thinking, “Nah.  Fuck it.”

Gardening is relaxing and theraputic.  I once heard that there is something innate in humans that makes us want to grow things and I agree.  But weeds shit me.


Clivia. Apparently.

2.  Tea
Tea makes everything better.  So does wine.  With cheese.  Although tea and cheese together are a no-no.



3. Smells
Cut grass, rain, babies, puppies… take your pick, these smells make me smile. Then there are smells you associated with certain people or places, for example, one of my best friends has worn the same perfume since we first became friends at 16.  I love that there is a certain smell for when we hug. (I decided against a photo of a nose.)

4.  Verandahs 
A chat on a verandah, beer in hand at the end of a hot day, is not like a chat anywhere else.   It’s hard to feel tense or angry while kicking back on a verandah, it’s true.  It might be because there is always someone sitting on the floor, maybe that has a disarming effect.  We don’t have one but I can close my eyes and be back on my grandparents verandah any time of the day.


Let’s pretend this is my house.

5. A Scenic Walk
I’m married to a hiker.  While I’ll never be one, on account of being generally lazy and pretty weak, a tiny bit of this has rubbed off on me.  We take the kids bushwalking whenever we can, it’s such a great thing to do as a family.  Fitness, fresh air and it’s free – perfect really.  And it’s hilarious when Mummy gets a leech.


We were here last weekend. Not bad is it?

I’m wondering if I should have included meerkats in this list.

Go to Kate’s blog to read  her list and for other lists as well.  What are your favourite simple pleasures?

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16 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures

  1. Sugarandsparkles says:

    you could have put a photo of the banal friend who's been wearing the same perfume for over 20 years! 🙂 glad you're back xoxo

  2. anne says:

    Hi .I found your link through Wandering Sheilas blog who joined the linky..I live in the UK and understand the Verandah 🙂 it is like our Patio but with a roof terraces etc. OH yes my friends and I have put the world to rights on many a “patio” night!

  3. Hi Rachel. I'm so glad to have found your blog. I love the fact that verandahs are one of your simple pleasures – which I totally get. A friend of mine used to live in a Queenslander and she had the best verandah for chilling out with a wine or a beer 🙂

  4. Gah! Comment problems sorry. I did respond to comments individually and now they're all appearing at the bottom. Plus photos have gone. Oh Disqus what is it now…? (Although it could well be me.)

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