Pure Talent

I’ve written about kids birthday parties before.

You might recall that, like many parents, I love throwing birthday parties for my children. Unfortunately I tend to get a bit excited, so I make plans that I don’t have the organisational capacity to undertake effectively.   Actually, never mind “effectively” and let’s go with “at all.”  So the midnight before one of my kids parties, I’m usually in the kitchen with butter cream all through my hair and royal icing all over the kitchen.

One year after some ridiculously ambitious baking I was peeling off my clothes to fall into bed after 1am, and saw that I had *chocolate crackles in my socks – which takes some skill when you think about it. If I were to challenge you to end up with whatever dish you are cooking in your socks without physically inserting it, you couldn’t do it.  So I’m actually quite proud of myself for that one.

Anyway, the problem is I have party amnesia.  So rather than taking note of all the learns from one year’s party season, the next year rolls around and I do the whole thing again.  And in the midst of it, I have a moment when I remember “ah yes.  I stuffed this up last year too.”  Except that I am swearing like a drunk, it’s past midnight and I have butter cream in my hair.   And probably some homemade confectionary in my socks.

So I just have to share with you this photo of my daughter’s latest birthday cake.

I really nailed it, don’t you think?


In the end it was nothing 20 packets of smarties couldn’t fix.  If I had been asked to make a smallpox cake, this would have been a winner.What have you stuffed up lately?**Chocolate crackles, fairy bread and sausage rolls are Australian party staples.  It’s all about seasonal, organic eating really.

2 thoughts on “Pure Talent

  1. I also do this every year. Last year my 10 year old demanded a store bought ice cream cake. It was the best day of my life. On another note, a couple of years ago at Girl Scouts' World Thinking Day here in the US, our troop picked Australia. The troop leader discovered Fairy Bread and thought that it and Vegemite were the best representatives of Australian cuisine. She then bought the crappiest white bread available and an equally low rent margarine spread. Needless to say, we ruined Australia for everyone.

  2. Yay my comments are back up and working!! Hello Rachael and welcome, very excited to see you here!! LOVE that comment, and I'm inclined to agree with your troop leader. Fairy bread & vegemite are probably the best way to showcase our food. But not too much vegemite, over-zealous spreading is a sin. XX

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