Video Challenge

I’m taking part in the next Britmums video challenge.  I’m excited to be a part of it, especially as Britmums are the ones who got me making videos in the first place.  The theme is “Mother” and the challenge goes live at the end of March, just in time for Mother’s Day (in the UK).

Now, Mother’s Day in Australia is on 11 May.  But dates are not my thing, so when I made this I was thinking it was nearly Mother’s Day here too.  Not my finest moment, but let’s just say I’m getting in early.

Oh well.  Here is the video (soooo loving the still you can see below…. not…), and for those of you who will enjoy Mother’s Day on 30 March – Happy Mother’s Day!   For the rest of you, may all your Sundays be Mother’s Day, and I’ll be wishing you an extra special day on 11 May.  You deserve it.

While I’m here, I’ll include this little flash-back to 2010.  This video opened the Cybermummy (now Britmums) conference – yes, as all the bloggers were taking their seats, the gigantic screen at the front of the room was a close-up of my chest.  My young son was filming, in case you’re wondering.

Thanks again for visiting!  X

2 thoughts on “Video Challenge

  1. Hey Rachel
    Great vlog- if I were you I'd get that portrait framed and hang it on the wall where you can see it every day! hehe I enjoyed hearing about how your family celebrates Mother's Day!
    (PS: My blog is but the Google Account I had to comment with shows an old version of my blog so I wanted to be sure you saw that I am a current active blogger and my last post wasn't in 2011 which you'd be led to believe if you followed the link through the Google ID!!!)

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