Easter Hat Craft For The Very Uncrafty

It’s Easter hat parade time.  That means whether you’re super creative, or you’re like me and craft extends to putting stickers on things, it’s time to get your hat ON.

Last year, my son stuck two glittery blue carrots to a hat so it resembled a synchronised rocket launch.  Because really, rockets are meant to be sparkly and similar to a root vegetable.

Now that my daughter is in kindergarten, we have two hats to make.  The pressure!

The best Easter hat I ever had was one my Nana made for me as a child.  She took a little straw hat and covered the brim with flowers of every shape and colour, with Easter eggs dotted throughout it.  The flowers and chocolate were fake, which was a clever move as it would have been messy and, let’s face it, short-lived otherwise.

I loved that hat.  It was the early 80s and that, to me, was pure glamour.  I owned the Easter hat parade that year and I felt fabulous.  I may or may not have worn it for months afterwards too.

I wanted to do the same for my daughter.  I went from shop to shop collecting fake flowers and I couldn’t wait to pick her up from school.  When i excitedly showed her a mock-up of what we were to make and she screwed up her face and asked why I couldn’t just put a carrot on a hat.  I sold the idea to her as a garden after the Easter bunny had been – with eggs hidden among the flowers. Result!

The weekend before the school’s Easter hat parade, a friend invites a group of us over for a craft afternoon.  We bring supplies and our children (can’t forget them) and sit around her dining table making Easter hats.  After 20 minutes, the kids go outside to play and the mums stay inside, finishing what the kids started.  They are really creative and it’s good fun.  That’s what we did this afternoon, we had a ball and the kids’ hats are ready.

I’m a bit excited because, if I can say so myself, my daughters hat turned out well. It’s possibly the best thing I have made since the wall hanging we did in year 5 – a giant penguin made from sunflower seeds.  (Kitsch and surprisingly effective, although it did attract mice.)


I might have gone overboard with the hot glue gun – those things are strangely addictive.  She might look like the floral equivalent of Carmen Miranda.  But if she has as much fun in her creation as I once did in mine, that will be something.

Although why should children have all the fun?  Why don’t more of us have Easter hat parades at work?  We did once and honestly, it’s hard to have a bad day with an Easter bunny perched on your head.

May your week be full of festive hats, time with friends and a parade or two.  Happy Easter. X

3 thoughts on “Easter Hat Craft For The Very Uncrafty

  1. What a lovely hat! You’re clearly not ‘uncrafty’ at all my dear, quite the opposite 🙂 Your Mums’ craft session brought back lovely memories of our time in China when a few of us expat Mums would gather together to try and do some toddler crafting. To be honest we had all the fun while the little ones played at our feet! x

  2. LOVE that hat! Clearly you’re not ‘uncrafty’ at all, quite the opposite my dear! Your Mums’ craft session brought back lovely memories of our time in China when a few of us expat Mummys would get together to do some toddler crafting. To be honest we had all the fun and the little ones were far happier playing around our feet! x

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