Lessons from a 20 Year School Reunion

Last night we had our 20 year school reunion.

And I loved every minute.

I know a blog post with bitching and drama would make better reading.  I know a “how I dropped 3 dress sizes to look hot for my reunion” would get more clicks.  If you’re expecting a “I finally got to show THEM” moment from me then I’m sure to disappoint.

I was a boarder for 7 years at a girls school.  The other boarders in my year felt like family, you had a ready-made group that you were always a part of.  We were all different but we came together and it just worked.  Sure there were times when you felt on the outer, and one of the joys of adulthood is the realisation that everyone else felt that at some stage too.  Too bad that never occurred to you at the time.

Last night 50 girls from our year came together and we had a ball;  I can’t stop thinking about it today.  No-one has changed, it really struck me that people had grown into stronger versions of themselves.  So the outrageous girls are now even more outrageous women,  the serene girls are the very epitome of calm,  the glam girls have taken glam to new heights and I’m sure the smart girls are super clever women but I really didn’t get to test that one out (“Quick!  Define pi!”).  Everyone was just fantastic to talk to.   And can I just say that looking around the room, we scrubbed up pretty well too.

I didn’t notice any obsession with what people are doing with their lives.  We’re at different stages, each doing our thing and hopefully doing it happily.  I didn’t hear any hurried justifications, you know the kind, the “I’m-a-SAHM-but-I’ll-use-my-law-degree-soon” sort of thing.  Everyone I spoke to seemed content, happy and confident with what they are doing and genuinely happy for everyone else too.  Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m reading too much into it but I’m really thinking there is something pretty bloody awesome about being in your late 30s.  You’ve got it sorted, your shit is together and it really doesn’t matter what others think of you.

Whether you’ve got kids or not, single or settled, working, at home, in the city, in the country, shaking things up or plodding along… either way, that’s what you’re doing.  Hopefully you enjoy it.  And when someone asks, you tell them with no care what they’ll think.  And the best bit, the absolutely most amazing part, is that that person you are talking to gets it.  They can see you’re happy and they are genuinely happy for you.  And I just love it.

So to the class of 1994, and to women in our late 30s everywhere – you are awesome.  Excuse my language but you fucking rock.  Keep on keeping on, do it proudly and be happy for each other.  You deserve it.

So here is a group shot, not the sharpest but you get the idea.  I’m in front in the red dress.  If I look like I have a carrot up my arse, it’s because I decided against the Nancy Ganz pants and I’m trying to suck in so my stomach isn’t front and centre of the photo.  I know I’ve just implied such things are trivial in your late 30s, but still, a semi-flattering photo is still a woman’s prerogative.  Too bad it doesn’t always work out.


I hope you love(d) your school reunion too!

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