Themed, Styled & Spotless

As every modern Mummy worth her Himalayan salt will tell you, kids’ birthday parties are about one thing: the styling.

Yes, our kids’ birthdays are the perfect chance to show everyone how stylish and creative we are.  My daughter is having her sixth birthday party this weekend.  It will absolutely look like this, and sure, I’ll style my kids’ friends if I have to:

party 2

Or this….  who knew kids could be so clean!

party 3Seriously, when did we decide kids’ parties have to look so pretty?  This is a recent thing, yes?  It actually suits some people, for some, any kind of decorating is effortless and they absolutely love it.  I suspect this isn’t the case for most of us.

It’s easy to get caught up in it all. Last year, I did the “Look!  I’ve put pink drinks into mini milk bottles, each one personalised with a stylish name tag attached with ribbon and served with stripey paper straws!”  thing.  I was quite chuffed as it looked great, although really, my daughter would have been just as thrilled with a chewed paper cup that said “Wayne.”

I didn’t even get a photo for Facebook!  What WAS the point?

I don’t go crazy, but I do love having birthday parties for the kids.  Turning another year older is a huge reason to celebrate, and really, they’re not little for long so bring on the fairy bread (how good is it??).

So this time each year, I’m in party planning mode.  I use the word “planning” very loosely.  Basically I go online for ideas, find all these pretty things look too hard and ignore them.  I end up throwing the same party as last year, with a different looking (but not tasting) cake.  The kids like it so far, it works for me, so it’s fine.  But if you haven’t already, just take a look at some of the other parties out there.

Just… wow.

wowI am seriously impressed and slightly envious – I honestly wish I had such talent.  And if I could, I’m pretty certain I would.  It’s all so pretty!

But I’m also leaning towards, “Come on people, let’s cut this shit out” because there’s already enough to do without full event styling for six year old children.  I’d hate my kids to expect this level of perfection for their birthday parties because they will never, ever get it from me.

At my little boy’s first birthday party, he didn’t stop eating and how he still managed to breathe, I’ll never know.  I thought it was really cute. “Oh look!  He’s eating the equivalent of the family Mazda!  Bless!!”  This was a mistake.  It was his first time eating both cake and chocolate – eldest child, obviously – and he ate so much, so quickly, that he puked highly decorated chocolate cupcake everywhere.  With hindsight, it really was skilled, precision puking and it wasn’t my finest parenting moment.

Anyway, while I’m genuinely impressed with other people’s efforts, I’m really pleased a setup like this didn’t get covered in kiddy spew:

party 5Come on, fess up, how much work goes into your kids’ parties?


Thanks Netmums!!

3 thoughts on “Themed, Styled & Spotless

  1. iotamanhattan says:

    I think I might have a “Leave your competitive parenting at the door” party. That would be a good theme! Maybe I could get balloons printed, and stitch some home-made bunting, and…

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