Our Summer

I left the blog on the saddest note in early December.

This was closely followed by one of the most beautiful summer holidays I’ve ever had.  Every effort was made to enjoy it – to marvel at the blue sky, to feel the sand under my feet, to hug and kiss the children to within an inch of their lives.  To step on Lego and not painfully scream about throwing the lot away, but to calmly say “Oh dash!” and praise my son’s building talents.

My brother and his husband visited from the US and it was a special time.  We held a celebratory wedding dinner for them – how could we not celebrate something so special?!  Life is too short not to.   It was a fabulous evening with family and I’m still buzzing from it.



Dad and James getting merry.


Christmas was lovely, although I did end it slumped on the couch, dribbling slightly.  But it’s not often we have the family together and we did this year.   Everyone there was someone you truly know and love.  So you could make as many terrible jokes as you like.  (On a side note, I promised my friend Karin a reprisal of my old Christmas tree post.  Excuse the formatting!)

In January, we went to the south coast and stayed at a friend’s holiday house.  It was just for a few nights but I can honestly say, we had the best time I’d had in ages.  We spent the first night with our friends and had a ball together.  They then came back to Sydney, leaving the four of us to ourselves.  It was magical spending this time together.  Just us.  The beach couldn’t have been more perfect, the kids were in heaven and my husband was a champion as always.  I absolutely appreciated every second, and I could feel Tom doing the same.



No makeup selfie. Apparently these are really, really BRAVE.


I now get why people love the south coast.  Except I’m still not over the whole “Hi, I’m a stingray, give me food” thing.  The stingray photos are on my husband’s phone, I’ll have to get them to show you one day.

Back in Sydney and to top the summer off, one of my great friends held the world’s most fun engagement party EVER – and got married at it.  Their wedding vows were punctuated by over 200 people cheering.  Sure it was partly the alcohol, but mostly out of sheer happiness for two great people in lurve.

mands wedding

Yes, we’re wearing nametags. But each one was a personalised conversation starter, for example, “Edwina – friend of Amanda’s – Ask me about when I set off the fire alarm!” I’d love to tell you that story one day, but I’ll have to check with Dwe first.

We’re just so lucky.  Lucky to live in Australia.  Lucky to have each other.  Lucky Ricky Martin is famous, otherwise we’d never have seen him.  Lucky to have such wonderful family and friends.  Lucky that my husband works near Haig’s chocolates in the CBD and he brings me loads of treats on his way home (HINT: I’d like more treats please).

And our new, replacement guinea pigs are still alive.  Result!

Anyway, this post is all a bit unexpected.  I actually sat down to write about jogging and how the right sports bra can actually make a non-runner like me into someone who actually goes for runs.  Or more accurately, really fast walks.

As February 2015 draws to a close, what are you grateful for?

4 thoughts on “Our Summer

  1. Glennis says:

    I am so delighted that my seven year old grandson spent over half an hour on the computer yesterday showing me how to play” Dragon City ” his latest excitement . Grateful to have a loving young grandson.

  2. Darling Rachel I’m so happy to have you back here! It sounds like you had the most magical Summer and I’m delighted for you. Gorgeous pictures of you and your lovely family too. I’d be so proud if you’d consider linking this up over at my #ShareTheJoy link up? Please tell me you’ll continue sharing your fab writing with us! xx

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