A Baby in the House

If you’ve packed up and schlepped home, tired of waiting for some rubbish I’ve written, I completely understand.  It’s been 7 months, after all.  And let’s face it, since 2012 the posts have hardly been regular.

But if you are still here,  a big hello!  I admire your patience and want some.

Things are great here and I hope you’re happy too.  I went and had a baby at the end of last year so, in no particular order, I’m:

  • Completely, utterly, madly in love
  • Marinating in baby spew
  • Tired
  • Eating multiple biscuits without realising it
  • Grateful
  • Sore
  • In love
  • Disorganized (I’m totally going to blame this on the baby for the next few years)
  • Unfit (see previous point about apportioning blame)
  • In disbelief
  • Getting nothing done because I’m staring at a baby
  • Repeatedly folding teeny tiny singlets (vests in UK!) and telling myself that’s getting stuff done
  • Poorly dressed
  • Not showering nearly as often as I’d like to
  • Slightly dazed
  • Smelling the baby
  • Yawning and hoping my nostrils don’t flare
  • Marveling at the women before us who didn’t have disposable nappies at their disposal (oooh see what I did there)
  • In love
  • Talking about the baby to anyone who will listen
  • In love
  • Loving maternity leave
  • In love
  • Fat
  • In love
  • A mother of 3!

Go me!

And if you happen to have just had a baby too, go you!  Oh alright, go everyone!  With or without babies!  We’re all just so freaking fabulous!


Home from hospital and a few hours away from mastitis dammit.

Although I just have to say, my current clothes situation is far from fabulous.  I’m currently wearing terry toweling shorts from Target, smelly mismatched sports socks and an old torn, stained, polo shirt of my husband’s.  Sorry Tom, but yup, I’m absolutely re-shaping your shirts so they have boobs.

Our new little girl is  simply delicious.  I can’t believe my luck.  Our other 2 kids are beautifully in love and it’s a wonderful thing to watch them coo over their new bub. I’m enjoying the love fest between them.  Long may it continue… although I’m not holding my breath once she starts toddling and develops a taste for mass destruction.

When I first started this blog, we had just moved to London with a 3 and a 1 year old.

Now we’re in Sydney with our 3 kids (I love saying that!) who are 9, 7 and 3 months old. I’m at home with them for the year and couldn’t be happier.

FullSizeRender (3)

Because sometimes a onesie simply will not do.

I’m off to change a nappy and pinch myself.  And if you have big news too, I’d love to hear it!

7 thoughts on “A Baby in the House

  1. Queenstown Vibes says:

    I have stumbled across your blog from another blog and have to say I love it! Congrats on bub number 3! I have 2 and am in awe at the management or mismanagement required for more than that!! So great to have that time with them! Special times!

  2. Michelle Twin Mum says:

    Hi Rachel, Long time no speak. I was reading through some old posts of mine the other day from 2011 and found a link to you and here I am. So glad to hear life is great for you, massive congratulations on your new babe. Mich x

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