A New Venture

I’d been feeling a little lost.

I’ll save the details for another post, which is bound to be an award-winning read. But in a nutshell, my maternity leave is finishing soon.  Am I really making the most of my skills? Am I doing the most I can for my family?   How can I bring in extra moolah without more time away from my baby?


Now this might seem unrelated, but about six months ago I was told off by a Polish beautician called Doris.  She sat me down as if to break me some very bad news.  Was she going to tell me that I’m adopted?  Or dying?  Adopted and dying?

She gave me a scolding. To paraphrase, she said my skin was shit and she was going to give me homework.

Errr… OK Doris.  Cheers for that.

Her homework turned out to be just what I needed.   I’ve learnt a whole lot about skincare and I could literally talk about serums all day.

Then, in a remarkably fortuitous moment, I got a random email from a friend of my brother’s in the US.

She is a consultant for the fastest-growing skincare company in the US, and it’s being launched in Australia.  She made it sound like an incredible opportunity.  Would I like to know more?


I was skeptical.  This isn’t something I do.  Is it even legit?  Plus I’m already going back to work soon, I’ve never sold skincare before, I’ve got freelance work coming in, I’ve got three kids, who would buy skincare from me?   And isn’t it weird selling to family and friends?  And – arguably the most important question – will I look like a dickhead?

Why do we automatically tell ourselves we can’t?  Is this a female thing?  My husband is always telling me, “Of course you can do that, they’re no smarter than you!”  Why can’t we be our own champion? All those reasons for not doing something new should be reasons to try.  I’m always telling my kids to take the scary option because you’ll get more out of it. Shouldn’t I take my own advice?  As for selling to family and friends, the products are fantastic.  If they want to buy them, why not from me?  I can get them discounts!  And wouldn’t it be nice to be paid for recommending something I like?  And if I do look like a dickhead, well at least I’ll have great skin.


I said I’d like to know more.  Dana and I talked (and talked and talked…!) and I did my research.   She’s one patient woman, that Dana.

It’s completely legitimate, the main point of difference is the products are available only through consultants.  It’s like a modern, online version of Tupperware (which I have a strange penchant for) but for your face… sooooo OK, nothing like Tupperware.

I said yes because I couldn’t think of a compelling reason to say no.   I’m one of the first Rodan and Fields consultants in Australia and I’m really excited.  I know full well I’m not going to make a lot of money quickly. But plenty of people have been really successful doing this. Why not me?   I’m smart.   I’ve got plenty of skills, I learn quickly and I want to do well.  I’m not on my own, I’ll have support.

And my skin is going to look fabulous with products not tested on animals.  You’ll totally mistake me for Giselle Bundchen.


Here I am, crawling along the beach. Ha, tricked you!  It’s Giselle Bundchen!

There is so much potential here, especially with it being new to Australia.  I’ll be my own boss, setting my hours around my job and family.  It’s all online with my own website.  I’m not hosting skincare parties – although I could if I wanted to.  It’s huge in the US, why not here?


So that’s my news.  I want to build a team of motivated people who are up for this as well.   I’ve already got one fabulous woman (Hi Rowe!) joining me, and she’ll be creating her own team too.  If you’re in Australia, the US or Canada, and you’re keen to know more, I’d love to hear from you!  Please comment below. Pre-launch has just started.  We’ll have fun, I promise!

2 thoughts on “A New Venture

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I don’t know how to contact you, so I’ll leave it here.
    I found your blog because somebody I strongly suspect to be using a false name and bio on quora.com in order to propose and advertise her/his allegedly hacking services is also using the face picture you put here as an avatar.
    he profil can be seen at this URL:

    Have a nice day.

    • Thanks so much for letting me know!! I’ve reported it to Quora, I’d have loved to contact them directly but couldn’t find a way. I have to admit I find this a bit creepy. Thanks again!

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