About Me

I’m Rachel.  I started this blog just after moving our family to London in 2010 for my husband’s work.  We’re now back in Sydney, so what started as a blog written by an Australian woman in the UK, is now a blog written by an Australian woman in… Australia.

I’m married with 3 children.  I’m on maternity leave from my job, and a freelance copywriter.  I live in the suburbs.   I feel like a narcissist having an “About Me” page.  I’m seriously disorganised.  I have no visible ankles and bad taste in music.  And I really didn’t think through the name of this blog, as I’m no longer in my mid 30s.


This is a seriously big photo of myself.

Hmmm what else can I tell you?  I grew up on a cotton farm where I had a pet kangaroo.  I went to boarding school for seven years.  I have a great-great-great-grandmother whose name was Fanny Rotton and I think Shetland ponies are terrifying.  TERRIFYING!!

I love reading your comments so thanks for reading and joining in!  Just as long as you are not a dickhead, stalker or pervert. And definitely not if you are all three.

My Fave Flashback of the day (or week, or month… depending on how organised I’m feeling) is this post about leg selfies.  It was such fun putting it together, and how hot are those pics??

Oh and while you’re here – living in the UK my friend Ginny and I launched Mums Away UK, a website for families moving or travelling there.  If you know anyone making the big move, please tell them about the site as it’s full of all the information we wish we had known!

Thanks for visiting.  You’re tops.


One thought on “About Me

  1. Nicole says:

    I love how your blog is only readable with an Austrailian accent going through my head. It’s literally impossible for me to read this in a normal reading voice in my head… Does that make sense? Is that called something?

    Just so you know, I totally Googled it to find out. Some of these people put it much more eloquently:


    Also as an American I can’t tell you I usually read in an American accent bc our dialects are ridiculously diverse. (I was born and raised in the South… Memphis, TN, precisely; I’ve lived in Montana, Florida, Virginia & Washington State… I’d say I have a bit of a southern accent occasionally – cough, when tipsy, cough cough – but mostly I try to stick to properly pronounced non-regional diction.)

    Anyway your blog is quite amusing for someone who is currently in her mid-thirties. And unless all these pics are super old, I hope to age as well as you!

    Keep it up!

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