Get in Touch

Well isn’t this flattering!  Unless you just clicked this by mistake, and you’re now feeling awkward at the realisation that you have no intention of contacting me at all.

But if you’d like to contact me, I’m on Twitter and Facebook, and you can email me at mid30slife (at)  That’s my attempt to prevent spammers, you see.

I’m open to reviews and promotional opportunities that interest me.  Let’s face it, a girl needs money for shoes.  All sponsored posts are clearly labelled as such.

I am also the co-founder of Mums Away UK, a website for families moving or travelling to the UK.  You’re welcome to contact me about that site too.

Thank you!


PS: Please don’t ask if I’d be interested in accepting your guest posts.  Sorry but I have to be bunt here, I do get a lot of these requests despite me saying I’m not interested.

Plus we all know these requests are not to do with content, just getting your links out there for SEO, yes?

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